Recognise your colleagues for living the company values


Nominate a colleague so everyone can see how much you appreciate them on the L!VE FEED!


You have the power!

As an Allgo team member, you get 10 reward credits each month to award to fellow Allgo'ers for good work that supports the company’s core values.

For every award, you just select the Core Value and Behaviour and give a short reason for the award. Then you select the award level - 1, 2 or 3 Thumbs Ups.

In 2019, you can earn even more rewards for nominating colleagues (See Here!)


And that's it! There's no approval needed. Your colleague automatically receives a congratulations email, and the Thumbs Ups are added to the balance of their Allgo L!VE reward account at the end of the month. 1 Thumbs Up = €5.

Reward credits don’t carry over, so any credits not used by the end of the month are lost. You have been warned!

To make the rewards tax-free (ie to comply with the Small Benefit Scheme), you can build your Thumbs Up balance all year! From 1st July 2019, the Allgo L!VE year will change to run from June to June each year. So your Thumbs Ups will accumulate from now until 30th June 2020, when they will automatically convert into an Allgo Mastercard. 

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend. The Allgo MasterCard can be spent in-store, online and abroad with any retailer who accepts Mastercard. 

So why wait?



For more details, check out the FAQs or the T&Cs below



 Your Thumbs Ups will accumulate from now until 30th June 2020, when they will automatically convert into an Allgo Mastercard. 

To see the your current balance simply click on the button below and enter your login details!



There are 2 Monthly Bonus Prizes up for grabs, giving you the chance to earn additional Thumbs Ups!

High Fives

If you receive a really great reward from a colleague, it can now be "High Five'd" at the end of the month with a bonus Thumbs Up (€5). All rewards will be reviewed each month and the best ones selected for High Fives, and broadcast in the monthly eZine.

The Allgo-er

The best reward giver each month will be named Allgo-er and will receive an extra 1 Thumbs Up. This award is based on the quality and quantity of rewards you make.

The MD Award

The MD Award will now be awarded if outstanding achievement or performance happens. This award will be made at the discretion of Gary, 

"In a small company like Allgo, every person on the team has a direct impact on overall performance. Every day, you choose what your impact will be. It could your attitude, effort, achievement. It could be updating out-of-date content, documenting a new process, solving a difficult customer issue or helping to win new business. It could be getting coffee for the team. There are always opportunities to take on responsibility beyond the norm. The question is - will you do it, or will you see if someone else steps up?


Obviously as MD, I want to recognise people who care as much as I do about improving Allgo - and this award will be given each month to anyone who steps up and delivers - especially if not directly asked to, who just cared enough to spot an opportunity to do something good or do something better, and then did it!

This doesn't mean you have to go it alone - everyone on the team is here to help (myself included). But everyday there are opportunities to take the lead if you want it."



Improving an Allgo service or process

Winning a new customer 

Stepping forward to take on responsibility


Dealing well with difficult customer/ supplier

Getting great feedback from a customer

Delivering outstanding work


Helping a colleague out

Showing a positive work attitude

Doing something good for society



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